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Junior WoodShop – Summer 2023 7/10-7/13

Course runs Monday 7/10-Thursday 7/13 9-12

INTRO TO WOODWORKING: Dive into the world of woodworking! In this class students will learn how to use the various tools and the safety measures that surround them. Basic staining / paint techniques will be introduced as each student will be able to put their new skills to work in creating a keepsake wood project of their own.

GEOMETRIC PATTERN AND DESIGN: Enjoy an engaging STEM project in geometric design. Each student will create their own geometric design out of wood blocks, stencils and paint. As an added bonus they will learn a framing technique as they build the base that will display their new masterpiece.

HAND-FINISHING TECHNIQUES: Learn color theory and how it relates to finishing a wood crafted project. Professional finishing techniques will be shared on how to distress, chip and age projects by hand to perfection. Enjoy showing off your favorite technique on a project created in class.

BE YOUR OWN DESIGNER: Put your newly found skills to the test! This class will allow kids to combine woodworking and finishing skills in a custom design that invites the student to be the designer. Various materials will be available to create a masterpiece that fits personal style and technique.



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